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A massage is super relaxing, and is much more! With a massage you reset your body, you promote the self-healing capacity of your body: your blood flow improves, your muscles and joints become more flexible, energy blocks are reduced or massaged, your condition becomes better, your skin looks healthier … it is not nothing! The pure organic massage oils that we use make our massages even more heavenly!

Energetic therapist Tine Nijs

All massages at Lavendine Pure are performed by myself, Tine.

I would like to introduce myself to you.

I love dealing with others in a sincere and pure way. I like to look for what drives you and what you need. Feeling good in your skin, finding the balance in your life is very important to me. Positive energy that flows smoothly in your body makes you see the world differently, you can focus better and you can make the right decisions more easily.

I followed a lot of training courses: Swedish massage, (therapeutic) hot stone massage, herbal stamp massage, fibromyssage, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine and anatomy, TuiNa, Qi gong, Chinese nutrition, cupping, moxa … I am still following continuing education and training. With this broad knowledge I can offer you a tailor-made massage that you need at that moment. With the therapeutic massages I gladly give you qi gong exercises to continue working at home, or energetic nutrition tips …

Finally, I always massage with high-quality oils: the biologically certified essential oils from Sjankara are the top, I also use pure lavender oil from France, Moroccan organic argan oil and Thai siam oil.

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"Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak"

Gift Voucher Lavendine Pure

Are you looking for a special present for a party, birthday, wedding, birth or just because you want to make somebody happy?

A fantastic Lavendine Pure voucher is always a hit. You can choose the amount on the voucher yourself. With this voucher, the recipient can choose a wonderful massage, private wellness or even one or more nights…



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