Welcome to Lavendine Pure!

We want our guests and customers to relax, come home to us, recharge batteries, and set off again with a lot of energy.

Whether that’s by coming to sleep with us, or coming to wellness, or enjoying a massage … pure enjoyment!

Cozy, romantic rooms, a lovely terrace (also a covered terrace from autumn 2019!), A super cozy private wellness, a massage where everything revolves around your well-being, … lend a hand in that. , pure and plain. Lavendine Pure originated from our passion for life, our interest in being authentic with others, being good for each other … enjoying life.

Pure means pure enjoyment, pure healthy breakfast, pure natural decor, pure massages, pure means “real” to us.

Daniel and Tine

Daniël and Tine run Lavendine Pure with heart and soul: prepare organic breakfasts with personal recipes, home-made fresh fruit salad, eggs, and bacon, with an emphasis on “fresh”, “healthy”, “organic” and “pure”.

We welcome guests to our private wellness, provide a snack and bottle of water, do what we can so that you can enjoy it together. Our energetic and holistic massages are tailor-made, we will really look for what you need at that moment.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our warmth with you. We are happy to spice up your day with a touch of warmth, a spoon of love and above all: unforgettable moments!

Warm regards, see you soon!

Tine & Daniël